Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PRESS RELEASE - Kempen Kesedaran Menderma Darah Peringkat Hospital Bil 1/2010

A Sayang Squad of Wanita UMNO Penampang is seen doing her good deed with fellow members doing their part in giving her a cheer.

L1: Chu Kong Ming (Chairman Of Hospital Visitors Board),

L2: Ms. Florence Suah (Secretary of Wanita UMNO Bahagian Penampang),

L4: Ms. Monica Apuk (Head Of Welfare Bureau,Wanita UMNO Bahagian Penampang)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kempen Kesedaran Menderma Darah Peringkat Hospital Bil 1/2010

The expectation to raise 50 bags of precious blood has been successfully achieved during today's campaign.

It was held from 10.00am till 4.00pm at the hall of Dewan Sri Kinabalu located at the PGMC block adjacent to the new hospital building - the Specialist Building (Bangunan Klinik Pakar).

The event was the first of the four blood donation drives by the hospital in 2010, and is part of a continuing campaign of the hospital to prolong the public awareness on the ever acute shortage and urgency of blood supply in the State capital.

The event was a joint effort between Unit Tabung Darah (Blood Bank Unit), Kelab Kebajikan Dan Kebudayaan Hospital (Hospital Staff Welfare & Culture Club), Unit Promosi Kesihatan (Health Promotion Unit), and Lembaga Pelawat Hospital (Hospital Visitors Board).

The most significant of today's event was the presence of more women willing to contribute their blood for the bank, with the participants mostly made up by the female hospital staffs, followed by the ladies from Wanita UMNO Bahagian Penampang led by Ms. Florence Suah, Divisional Secretary, and Ms. Monica Apuk, Welfare Bureau (Biro Kebajikan).

Puan Nining Ballard, the chairman of the women wing of UMNO Bahagian Penampang, is a member of the Hospital Visitors Board.

Puan Liam of the Health Promotion Unit, and En. Jorimin Langap the Blood Bank Unit, are both agreed to extend the future donation drive to the female as well as the youth groups.

Free goodies for donors were sponsored by both the club (Hospital Staff Welfare & Culture Club) and the Hospital Visitors Board. The Visitors Board had contributed three lucky draw's prizes, namely electric rice cooker, Jug kettle, and a electric kettle respectively.

Blood is forever needed, and is very much appreciated by the recipients. The shortage of blood is especially acute during and near the festival seasons.

The public, especially the young and healthy one, is therefore encouraged to donate their precious blood voluntarily, regularly, and generously.

Others present at the campaign during the morning session were: Sister Tomblow Ngadiran of the Nursing Unit; Puan Mahanom, Ketua Unit Akaun; En. Chu Kong Ming, ALPHQEH Chairman; and ALPHQEH Committee Members: En. Ong See Kwang.

Chu Kong Ming
Hospital Visitor Board (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

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