Monday, July 5, 2010

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah

Post-term courtesy visit to Dr. Yusuf, Pengarah of Jabatan Kesihatan Sabah, was accomplished successfully at the 3rd floor of Wisma Persekutuan in Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu, this morning.

Dr. Yusuf was briefed on the latest development of the Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital (ALPH) of Queen Elizabeth hospital, notably on the problems associated with the appointments, hospital management & ALPH relationship, and the performance of the committee members. The hospital management is especially mentioned to be more proactively to engage with the ALPH in order to bring more benefits to the community.

The Director agreed that more NGOs and female are appointed to extend the influence of the ALPH to reflect the main objective of the organization as 'the bridge between the community and the hospital'. The Director also urged to look into stepping up the interaction between the hospital management and the ALPH. Dr. Yusuf also wished that new teams of ALPH for all the districts in Sabah can be appointed sooner in order to move forward with all the planned activities.

There have been complaints on the reception of phone calls at the QEH, and the ALPH of QEH proposed that the state JKN to set up a special centralized complaint unit for the state to handle all the medical complaint calls with a toll-free line where the individual callers will be handled by professionally trained personnel.

The acute car parking woes at both the QEH and QEH II (formerly SMC) were raised and JKN has been urged to look into it seriously as public are finding it too stressful when visiting.

The reconstruction of QEH complex was discussed and agreed that it should be sped up for strategic consideration in terms of meeting up the expectation of the public as well as to pave the way for attracting and retaining talents to the hospital. The reconstruction also regarded as a basic foundation and turning point for regaining the public confidence in QEH.

The meeting lasted 1 hour, and ALPH appreciated the time taken for the short exchange of views on the hospital affairs, and looking forward to see more ALPH in the state to work cordially and efficiently with the hospital management in the year forward.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last Monthly Meeting at Bilik Danum, PGMC (29-June-2010)

Every one made their last comments on the issues and their wishes for the hospital.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Joint Blood Donation in conjunction with world thallasaemia day 2010

Dr. Pamela Yong (L4) and Mr. Chu Kong Ming (R5) co-presented the appreciation certificate to Mr. Ravi (L5), the CEO of Sutera Harbour Resort Group during a ceremony at the resort's function room in Kota Kinabalu. Looking on are other Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital's members from both hospitals: Mr. Dxeter Lim (R4), Mr. Ong See Kwang (R3), Wong Pin Soon (Back R1), Ms.Margaret Lim (Back L4), Glenda (Back L3), Ms. Chong Len Len (Back L2), and Ms. Mary Lim (Back L1).

This is a joint venture effort between Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital (ALPH) of Sabah Women & Children Hospital and the ALPH of Queen Elizabeth Hospital meant to raise 400 bags of precious blood for the unfortunate Thallasaemia patients group who requires clean blood transfusion almost every.

With the generosity of the management of Sutera Pacific Resort, we were provided free for the entire site of Function rooms 9 & 10 (and more than that during the 2nd day), and as well as some refreshments and foods.

The blood collection centre at the Sutera Pacific is by far the most comfortable one. For that, we appreciate so much beyond words.

The sponsors for the event were overwhelming, they were VICO & IndoCafe from DKSH, Veegood and Ayam brand, Jerneh Insurance, and some Pokka's Fuji Apple drink. Syarikat Lui Kim Chok Sdn. Bhd..

To the 200 donors during the two days event, We thank you very much for your kindness, compassion, and great contribution not only for your personal health improvement, but also help promoting the spirit and culture of helping each others.

It's not that everyones were qualified to give their blood for the Thallasaemia patients; for the lucky ones, you are indeed the Chosen Ones.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ward gets much-needed aircond

Published in Daily Express on 17-June-2010.

To Datin Mary Yong and her team in PBS Wanita Tanjung Aru Division - We appreciate very much for your help.